Grace Meridian School admits all children without regard to race, colour or national origin.

Below is our procedure for admission;

Purchase an application form

This form will only be sold to students whose age correspond with their prospective class. The correct age for each class group as at 30th September of the class of entry is indicated below:

Play group 1 11 months-24months
Play Group 2 2 – 3 years
Nursery 1 3 – 4 years
Nursery 2 4 – 5 years
Year 1 5 – 6 years
Year 2 6 – 7 years
Year 3 7 – 8 years
Year 4 8 – 9 years
Year 5 9 – 10 years
Year 6 10 – 11 years

Playgroup 1 & 2 classes

In cases where the child has completed the equivalent of the prospective class

In a previous school, the final decision will be determined by the Proprietress and the Head of the section concerned. If the child excels in the assessment test for his desired class, and demonstrates a maturity required for that class, some consideration can be shown (this concession can only be made for children in Primary years).

Pass mark for the test is set at 60% per subject.

In an event that the candidate does not make the cut off mark for admission, parents should be scheduled by the School Secretary to see the Proprietress for the next line of action.

Grace Meridian School Management reserves the right to accept or reject applications.

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